Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020

It was just me Swimming this morning. The AQI was 51, the sky was overcast with the possibility of some sun, the water was flat but not glassy, lots of birds but no bait balls, the water temperature was 15°C/59°F with good visibility. I swam the buoy line twice and ended with a lap around the pier. On my second lap of the buoys east of the pier I had a flock of cormorants circling me most of the time. They didn't dive or land. Maybe they were hoping that I would stir up some bait fish for them.   

At the end of the Avila Pier with pelicans.

I'll swim Saturday morning at 9:30.



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Grace Kugler said...

Sorry I've been missing you all! I have been swimming early while figuring out the new school and work schedule. I'll see you Saturday.