Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020

 At 9AM this morning Avila had dense fog, no wind and a funny glow from the sunrise above the clouds. I couldn't see the buoys from the beach. I was the only swimmer. With the fog Tom's T route seemed the best for navigation and avoiding any stray boat traffic.  The air smelled damp and beachy with no hint of smoke. There was hardly anyone in Avila.    

The view from the beach. No buoys in sight. .

Not much better wading in. I couldn't see the first buoy from the surfline.
I decided to swim out to the first buoy and see if I could see the next buoy in the line to the east. I couldn't so I swam in to the back of the surfline and swam by watching the shore. That worked for the buoy line and out and around the pier was easy. When I arrived at the first buoy on the west side of the pier the fog had lifted enough for me to see 3 buoys so from there I just swam the buoys.
The water temperature was 14.5°C/ 58.1°F and felt a bit colder in the gloom.  

My wandering about in the fog added about 200M to the route.

I'll be back Saturday morning at 9:30.


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