Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sunday, December 18th, 2022

At 11AM the weather at Avila Beach was clear and sunny, 54° with a light wind. The waves were 2' except for an occasional sneaker at 3 foot plus. There was a small swell from the west that was noticeable if you were far enough offshore to be out of the shadow of the Port San Luis breakwater.
I was the only one swimming today and I decided to take a lap around the Avila Rock.  

The water measured a degree or more warmer than yesterday and with the warmer air temp it swam two+ degrees warmer. I measured the water at 12°C/53.6°F.  The swimming was still cold but much more comfortable than yesterday.   
At the Avila Rock. Out here I could feel the lift of the swell and there was a bit of a push towards the east but neither was enough to require much attention. 
The rock got lost in the background but it is darker than the cliffs behind it. 

This is a lovely time of the year at Avila; sunny, comfortable and no crowds. There were maybe 12 other people on the entire beach on the left (east) side of the pier. And in a 'Normal' year the water temperature would be 54° to 56° until spring. 

I'll swim Tuesday morning at 7:30 and then we will be traveling, so I'll be back in the water at about 9 on Wednesday the 28th. Yes, not my usual day or time but I'll be driving all day the day before and swimming will get the kinks out.


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