Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

 It is a good thing that I don't work at a business making change in cash. My rough estimate was that today's route would be a bit longer than my usual 3,200M +/-, and it it was longer. At 4,547M it was 1,347M longer. So I overpaid myself my 8/10ths of a mile. If I had known I was being so generous I could have done just 250M more and made it an even 3 miles.
This is a good way to train up but not so good if I'm working in your store. 😏

It was bright and sunny and I had a great swim just cruising the distance.    

The Back Story:
The County had give an all clear on the post rain water quality so the creek side of the pier was back in play.  I had not been under the pier in some time and I liked the idea of a big triangle and knew that once around would be a longish mile, so twice around would be two miles plus some. It seemed like a good plan.
I got to Avila about 7 and got in the water at 7:15. It was frosty. The air was 35°, it was clear and there was an offshore wind. All of the dog walkers were bundled up and here I was getting in the water. The surf was small and the breeze had put a lumpiness on the water that wasn't yet a chop.  I measured a water temperature of 12°C/53.6°F  but no way. I'm with Tom and think the air temp had it swimming one or two degrees colder.  
Who's feet are these? I can't feel mine.

At almost an hour forty with no gels to top me up I was feeling the chill when I got out. This time of the year the area around the showers is in the shade until noon and that wet concrete was cold. Next time I'm going to bring sandals or put my stuff out in the sunshine.  

Tom's Swim Report - 

My report is: air temp was 48 when I got in at 9:40. My toes tell me the Water temp was 51 degrees.  The water was beautiful and clear. Lovely blue skies with wispy clouds creating artwork above.  Excellent winter day at Avila.


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