Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

An Almost Winter Solstice Swim - 

It was going to be cold, but it wasn't like I expected. My expectations were based on the air temperature being 36° at 7:30 and the water being in the low 50's. It was clear and sunny with a slight wind and the same small surf. The water has been very clean.
I planned to do two big triangles. Getting started had its shock and awe aspects until I got evened out about when I reached the reef buoy. I was not comfortable but it was tolerable. 

The water felt cold, definitly about 51°, but enjoyable until I rounded the Avila Pier and headed towards the left side of the creek. About 200M after the turn I entered some water that made me feel like I had just gotten in all over again. I measured the water temp near the creek mouth at 50°. The chill encouraged me to swim harder so I pushed on and when I swam out of the colder water near the end of the Avila Pier swimming harder was feeling good so I kept pushing all of the way to the beach.       

I had a great swim and felt good and tired when I got out.  

Tom's Swim - My coordinates: 46°F, 10.5°C. The water was calm and beautiful, as was the swim. I decided for a solstice around Avila Rock 🪨 swim.

I'll be out of town Thursday through Tuesday and plan to swim Wednesday morning to get the kinks out after a couple of long days in the car. 


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