Saturday, December 30, 2023

Saturday December 30th, 2023

 Big Surf + Dirty Water Repeat - 

Jodi and I were at Avila at 7 watching waves kiss the bottom of the Avila Pier. That is too big for either of us so we went and had a look at the conditions at Olde Port Beach.
The surf was 2 to 3 foot so getting in and out would have been easy but the water was a medium brown from runoff from the two canyons across the road and did not look inviting so we visited and headed home.

The swell should be down tomorrow so swimming away from the creek on Sunday is a maybe. The wave prediction for the Diablo Canyon buoy is for 12 foot on Wednesday and 16 foot on Sunday, so we are in full winter conditions mode and will be getting in when it is safe and clean.


This wave height chart and a lot more ocean information is on At the bottom of a location's page, below all of the images, there is a link to Tides where wave and tide information is available.    

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