Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

I'm looking to get my distance up by going long(er) than usual one a week.  I got in this morning at 6:45 and did 4,600M.  It was 45° but did not feel that cold. The water was 53° and did feel that cold. The water was nice and flat at the start but a chop and swell from the SW rose with the sun and the last part of the leg to the Poly Pier was getting noticeably bumpy.  Shimming in to the shore was fine but there was a constant push against me on the way out that got bigger as I got further offshore. Swimming across the swell back to the Avila Pier was easier and the swell became smaller as I approached the pier.   

There was one 3 to 4 foot wave every few minutes, otherwise the surf was 2 foot. I didn't take a nap out there but I spent a long time in the water for as far as I swam. 
I towed a 24 oz. bottle of Fluid Endurance behind me to provide some calories to keep my energy topped up.

When I got out Duke's car was parked on Front Street. I didn't see him out in the water but he was there when I came back from the showers. It was nice to catch up with him and we may see each other on Sunday. 
I'll be back Thursday and Saturday at 7 and Sunday at 11.  Next week I'll do a long swim with Jodi on Wednesday and then be out of town until 12/28.


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