Thursday, December 14, 2023

Thursday, December 14th, 2023


Cold - 

At 6:45 the air temperature in Avila Beach was 38°. It was a clear, beautiful morning.  There was a steady offshore breeze that was making sure that I felt the temperature as I was getting ready to get in. The surf was 2 foot. When I was wading in the water felt colder than it has been. Later I measured a water temp of 51°, which was good because my hands and feet had felt cold for the entire swim and I would have been disappointed if the water was warmer than the bottom 50's.
At the start the wind had already pushed up a nice chop that had my body twisting around and slapping my head. It got stronger while I was out there.  I had a nice swim.          

I'll swim Saturday morning at 7 and Sunday at 11, unless enough rain occurs to chase me out. 


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