Sunday, December 17, 2023

Sunday, December 17th, 2023

 Avila Beach was pretty empty today but Paula was there to join me for a swim with winter conditions. It was comfortable at Avila, the air temp was about 70°, there was no wind and scattered high clouds. The water temperature was up to 52°. The swell and surf was increasing prior to the storm that was dur to arrive tonight. The waves were 4 to 5 feet and crowding in on each other. They were not very strong yet so getting out just required timing, some jumping over most of the waves and swimming under the biggest ones.       
Paula and I wanted to do a relaxing and not too strenuous swim so we went over to the Poly Pier and back.  With the extra time getting out and back we spent an hour in the water. The water did feel warmer than yesterday. 
We saw Tom Lorish. He was out after his swim and didn't stop to talk. He was on a mission to meet up with his bottle of hot water. 
Duke did a ride by. 

I'll be getting chased by the weather this week. We may get enough rain by Tuesday to cause me to sit out the bugs from the first flush, and the rain on Wednesday may close out Thursday's swim as well.  Friday thorough Wednesday Kris and I will be in Pacific Grove. I'm going to see if I can hook up with the Kelp Krawlers while we are there for some ocean time around Lover's Point.



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