Saturday, December 9, 2023

Saturday, December 9th, 2023

Tom Israel and I got in at 7 AM. It was sunny and 48° with a strong offshore wind. The surf was 3 to 4 foot.  We both wanted to go a bit shorter than usual because of holiday stuff later in the day, so one and a half triangles sounded about right.    
When we were wading in Tom Lorish's comment from his swim yesterday that his toes told him the water was colder came to mind because my toes were telling me that the water temperature was not 55°. I measured 52° - 53° and my feet agreed.  After we got out Tom said that he felt cold, but the constant wind as we changed wasn't helping our comfort level.  

It seemed like we needed to push against the chop on every leg with the last leg into the chop coming in along the pier being the roughest but shortest stretch.

The water was nice and clean and even tasted good.

Holiday stuff continues so Tom and I will swim an hour earlier than usual at 10 AM tomorrow.


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