Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday, August 15, 2020

 2020 refuses to give us a break

Theresa, Brittany and I were in the water this morning around 930.  Brittany headed out before we got in so Theresa and I headed out to the 4th buoy by fossil point and back then paralleled the pier to the end, around to 1st buoy on other side and  then to the creek buoy.  We'd planned do the same in reverse but the sky had changed and was dark blue.  Theresa said it had rained in Pismo on her way to Avila.  Then the lighting started, really close to Fossil Point with thunder and started coming closer to us.   I saw a bolt hit the end of the Avila pier so we just headed straight in from the creek buoy to the beach to be met with lifeguards with bull horns yelling at tourists to get out of the water and off the wet sand...of course no one was listening to them.  Theresa and I ran under the pier to check on Brittany and she was coming out by the first buoy on the south side of the pier.  A very frustrated Wyatt was trying to get the tourists to back from the water with his bullhorn.    

Were going to try again tomorrow at 930 if anyone wants to join us! The water was warm and extremely clear, calm surf and no wildlife.    The beach was packed and parking was at its usual minimum.

Leslie Tappan

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