Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tom's Swim Report for Tuesday August 25


Avila was socked in fog this morning.  It was dense enough that I could not see a sail boat anchored not 20 yards off the second buoy on the eastside.  It also seemed to make two knuckleheads in a outboard trawler decide they needed to be boating inside the buoy line. 


Swimming today were Grace, Teresa, Hillary, and Tom.  The water was probably 60ish, but with the fog adjustment, it felt 58.  Due to the fog, and the knuckleheads, we swam west along the buoy line to #4 on the westside, then back to the pier, where we decided to hug the pier to the end, around it hugging it again to #1 on the East, to #4, out the end of the pier and in.  The fog had lifted a bit by the time we finished up.



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