Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tom’s Report for August 2nd

Classic summer conditions at Avila today.  Overcast and foggy, calm water, and plenty of people flocking to the beach. 

Swimming today was Tom and Brittany.  Out of respect for the landlord having been in town, we both decided to swim buoy line routes.  And we both started out heading west – there were two harbor seals that seem to be enjoying some kind of Sunday brunch in between buoys #1 & #2 on the eastside, along with several squadrons of pelicans eyeing up the same delectables.  Since the seals themselves are typically on the Sunday brunch menu for the landlord, heading west seemed like the way to go.   

The water temp was 59 – 60.  The sun poke through a couple times during the swim, showing itself as a fuzzy glowing ball, but never quite made it through the fog.  Overall, it was a nice day for swimming.

Landlord note: Lifeguard confirmed there hadn’t been another sighting since the original last Wednesday.  FYI.

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