Thursday, August 13, 2020

 Tom's Swim Report for Thursday August 13


Thunder, lightning, rain, and blue skies.  It was all happening at Avila this morning. 


After weeks of ‘overcast and calm waters’ the conditions were much different this morning.  It was raining and breezy when I arrived at 9:10 AM.  By the time I got in the water, the rain had stopped, but the wind was gusting to the southwest – blowing enough to stir up some pretty good wind chop on the water.  I swam east somewhat against the chop along the buoy line.  I ended up swimming  triangle twice.  As I went around the Avila pier on the first loop, I found it noticeable calmer on the westside.  Then, as I crossed under the pier starting my second loop I was again hit with the chop – it had increased.  And, again once back on the westside, much calmer.  As I passed under the pier for the second time finishing up, the wind had died off and the rain started up again.  Through it all, there were several openings of blue skies, and looking further out to sea, the skies were deep blue with scattered clouds.  Wild day, beautiful colors.  A good way to start the day!  See before/ after pictures. 


Oh, in case you were wondering, Larry the Harbor seal was there, too.  Doing his thing between buoys # 1 and 2 on the eastside. 



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