Saturday, January 15, 2022

Saturday, January, 15th, 2022


Shut Out By The Tsunami

                                                                                                                                                          At 8 AM Leslie, Niel and Jodi had a route planned and were walking to their get in point when we heard a Harbor Patrol truck on Front Street announcing the the beach was closed and everyone had to get off of the beach. A tsunami surge from the volcanic eruption in Tonga was expected before 9AM and would arrive around high tide. A 2 to 4 foot surge was expected on top of the high tide so they wanted everyone off of the beach. We hemmed and hawed a bit and decided to respect the Harbor Patrol's concerns. So it was back to the cars, change and get into Leslie's banana bread and Niel's brownies as if we had spent an hour in the water.

We'll be back tomorrow at 11.


Photo from Tom who got in about 10:30.
Tom's tsunami report: conditions were… Interesting.  I swam @ about 1030, so a couple hours after the main part of the tsunami was supposed to hit Avila. I could see the water had been all the way up to the wall on the beach, but had receded a bit by the time I swam. There was a lot of debris in the water. And still a pretty good wave going with currents going many different directions. I swam down the imaginary buoy line on the east side, but then decided to go west under the pier and over on that side because there seem to be less debris over there.  I ended up swimming for about 30 minutes.  All in all, It was a nice tsunami swim!  What's next?  Earthquake? Locust? Godzilla?  

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