Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday, January 2nd, 2022

After 10 days of rain we had a beautiful Sunday at Avila Beach. It was clear, sunny and almost still. The air temperature was 70° to 75°. The water was 55° and looked cleaner and less silted up than it has this past week. 

Most everybody had something else to do (Duke, in So Cal; David ?; Leslie, a wedding; Jodi, scheduling conflicts) so I was going to be on my own when Penny and Angela walked up. They are from Berkeley, swim regularly in the bay, were on their way home from Baja and looking to get in the water. Angela had dropped in with us on a Sunday this past summer.
They would swim bareback, easy and shorter than I had planned so we got in and headed east along the beach. I loop back when I got too far ahead. At the end of Front Street they were ready to head back and I continued on with my planned route. 

Angela and Penny

It was a lot smoother out between the Avila and Cal Poly Piers than it has been with no chop and a nice swell out of the SE to work into on the way over and to push me along on the way back. 

This coming week looks pretty normal.

I'll be swimming at 8 on Tuesday and at 8:30 on Wednesday.

And this just in - 
John Hampsey, Jonny and Amy swam at 3:30 today.


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