Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday, August 13th, 2022


Sunshine was the big news this morning at Avila Beach. At 7 AM it was sunny with no fog or clouds, calm, 62° and rather fallish (gasp!) for August. Regardless, it was beautiful and the water was 15°C/59.9°F. The swell was up a bit and the swimming was lumpy but not choppy.  

The sharky sign was up. There was nothing on the lifeguards notice board about the sighting. 
I was already thinking about swimming an extended buoy line route with a few turns around the Avila Pier so that is what I did. 

I went out around the pier, back in to the buoy line and west until I was past the mouth of SLO Creek. On the way back there were a lot of pelicans and gulls flying over me so I stopped at the second buoy and took a look. The birds were diving on some bait fish about 200M further out from where I was swimming so I scrubbed another lap around the pier and went straight along to the east side and down to Fossil Point. The rocks at the point were pushing up some nice 3' to 4' (from the back) soft waves that were fun to swim across.

I didn't see Tom or Sue. Tom's schedule is slipping a bit so he is getting in later. Almost as if he was getting into fall already. 

I may not have mentioned it but all three showers are working again! We were down to two for 8 months and then one the past 6 weeks so having them all running again makes standing in line for a rinse much less likely.

I'll swim tomorrow at 11. 



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