Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

Sharky Says Swim on Wednesday

I was at the top of the stairs and heading for the water yesterday when I saw the sharky sign was up. With no way to learn any of the details I bagged it and went home.  Tom swam and came out biteless.  

Duke and I were having coffee at Woodstone later in the morning and ran into Phil (Avila lifeguard) and learned the siting on Monday was a 10' white shark over near the Cal Poly Pier. The guards also have documented seals and sea lions with bite wounds and one with no tail.  

It is feeding time at the zoo. 
The shark signs were still up this morning but I jumped in and swam inside of the buoy line. Conditions were very fallish; 56°, very gray with a steady wind and chop out of the SE. The water temperature was still 15°C/60°F but with the wind and grey it felt colder starting out.  The wind is dying around sunrise so things are getting flatter during my swims.
I didn't hear from Tom today so maybe he's still out there..... 

The tiniest hint of a sunrise behind Pismo Beach.

I have a busy day tomorrow and Friday. I will swim either Thursday or Friday morning then Sat. at 7 and Sun. at 11 as usual.


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