Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday, August 14th, 2022

The sharky signs were still up so I walked down to Tower 1 and asked Phil what was going on.  He said that for the past few days things were popping at Avila Beach: the water is warm with lots of bait balls, seals, birds and white sharks. Sometimes two or three confirmed white sharks in a day. The guards had not closed the beach but were strongly recommending that people in water stay close to shore.  

So what's a swimmer to do?
I got in fully clothed and wrestled with this big boy until he quit and left for Hawaii.  

After that, Pat and I went for a swim. Unlike yesterday, today Avila was 61° and totally gray with a light wind and a swell out of the SE. Pat did Ironman Alaska last weekend and was in for about 2000M so that's what we did. 
Pat said the weather for the race was pretty good, rain was predicted all day but it didn't start until he was at Mile 41 on the bike. They also shortened the swim because the water temperature was only 57°.  (Insert your own editorial comment here).  

Pat and I had a nice swim. The water felt really warm, warmer than the 61° I measured. 

This is Kimi Werner and she is the real deal. She is Hawaiian and holds several world records for breath hold spearfishing. This was on a shark research trip in Mexico. 
From just holding the camera I would of had to leave my wetsuit in the water.  

Tom is in the Bay Area for a water polo tournament.

I'm a maybe for Tuesday. It's the time of the year when sitting out is sometimes the smart think to do. I'll be at Avila at 7 and see what makes sense.


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