Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday, August 28th, 2022

The Other Half

I swam the YoYo route on the east side of the Avila Pier yesterday. This morning Pat and I swam the same route on the west side of the pier. The route on the west side is about 200M shorter than that on the east.   
The conditions were much the same as yesterday with an air temperature of 56°, a water temp of 60° that felt a few degrees colder, gray skies, no wind, a flat ocean and increasing surf.    
Niel and Pat at the end of the Avila Pier.

Pat and I both felt the water was colder than the 15°C/60F my thermometer indicated so when I got home I checked the little one that I take out into the water with the big one I use when I can can check the water temp from the pier and they agreed to within a degree, so the gray skies were fooling messing with both of us.

The surf was 2 - 3 foot when we got in at 8 and had come up while we were swimming. Pat and I got surprised as we were coming in with both of us getting picked up on the crest of the same 4+ footer and almost going over the falls.

I'm going to chase the Garmin Watch Distance Mystery this week. I'll try and call,chat, text or email them to see what they have to say about this. Of the more than half a dozen Garmin watches worn by Avila swimmers none agree on the length of a days swim. Sometimes the variation is within a few percent, which given the conditions and that the watch is doing something to account for being under water and without a signal half of the time, is acceptable, but days like today are a mystery. Pat and I swam the same route, varying only by how straight our individual routes were, but at the end Pat's numerical distance in yards was several hundred less than mine was in meters. I've had the same experience between Jodi's and my distances when we swam together, she logs fewer yards then I do meters. Under Settings/System/Data Recording is an option for Smart or Every Second. I'm changing mine to Every Second to see if the plots look smoother.

I'll swim at 7 on Tuesday and Thursday. then Saturday at 7 and Sunday at 11 and Monday at 11.


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