Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tuesday, August 5th, 2020

Swim Report by Leslie - is my report.

I got to avila around 9, little windy already and grey skies.  I was hesitant to go because of all the shark sightings but the Jr Guards were already in the water jumping off the end of the Avila pier and swimming in.  How do they get to go out there?  It looked like you jumped off the pier for your birthday!

I got in on the south side of the pier and headed towards the fossil point area staying very close to shore.  I could not shake off the bad vibes and so I turned at the 4th buoy and just got out.  After I showered I looked at the end of the Avila pier and what looked like a few hundred pelicans were circling and every single one of those Alfred Hitchcock's was diving like crazy.  There was also a pod of dolphins at the buoy line on the north side of the pier fishing happily and 2 nice big seal heads kept popping up halfway from the beach to the buoy line.  I was very happy to be out of the water!   It literally changed within ten minutes.    

I did ask one of the women who teaches the Jr Guards where the last shark was spotted and she said inside the port at the end of the Avila pier.  I didn't ask when, was just kind of stunned by that and not thinking.  

Myself and Heidi and Maria are going to try Lopez Lake friday morning around 9ish if anyone wants to go.  I think im out of the ocean for a bit.    

Happy swimming!

Swim Report by Tom -

Overcast, a little breeze, lots of pelicans, and the same two seals from Sunday jumping around on the east side.  The water was about 59-60 – nice.  Swam buoy line boogie out of continued respect for the landlord. 


Avery Ancell said...

Hi!! I was a competitive swimmer but now I’m looking to start open water swimming! I was wondering if I could chat with you or someone else involved about tips for getting started! I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance!!Email me at

Lucas said...

Me too! I have been a competitive swimmer all my life and recently moved to the area. Love the Pier to Pier race I did a few years ago from Hermosa to Manhattan. Need to get back in the water up here and would like to join some of these morning swims. Contact me at