Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021


After a very windy and clear Friday, Saturday began cool and cloudy with Avila looking very unspring like with thick overcast, an air temperature of 49° and, thanks to Friday's wind, a water temperature that was back in the 40's at 49.5°. 
Swimming today were Sarah, Leslie, Grace, Theresa, Tom Israel, Stephanie and Niel. We decided to head down the west line of swim zone buoys, group up at the last one and see what route felt good for the swimming conditions, i.e., how far did we want to stay in at this temperature? 

Leslie shoulder is still recovering so she headed back along the buoys for a short swim. The group swam over to and out along the Cal Poly Pier and back to the end of the Avila Pier. The water was a degree or two colder near the Avila Pier. Half of the way back to the Avila Pier it suddenly felt like I was just getting in. The group went in along the Avila Pier while Sarah and I went to the end of the buoyu line and back to the pier for 3000M.  

Tom and Sarah at the first buoy with the rest of the group in the background

Form the left, Sarah, Stephanie, Niel, Grace, Theresa and Tom 
near the end of the Cal Poly Pier

We will swim tomorrow at 7:30.


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