Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday, May 23rd. 2021

It was gloomy gray in Avila when I arrived at 7 but it was calm and 51°. From the pier the water temperature was up to 52° and the water was very clear. The surf was small and there was a slight swell on the water. 

Grace, Theresa, Stephanie, Duke and Niel got in at 7:35. 52° is still cold, especially with no sunshine, but the few degrees increase since yesterday took the edge off. We swam a flattened big O.

Theresa, Stephanie, Grace and Duke at
the second crossbars on the Cal Poly Pier 

Heading back from the Cal Poly Pier to the Avila Pier we passed three otters, 
each floating in their own spot of kelp.

I'll swim Tuesday morning at 8.


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