Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

I was a beautiful morning at Avila Beach today. It was sunny, the clouds were clearing off, 53° with 55° water. Strong winds were predicted but it was still when I let at 10+ AM. Duke got in at 7:30, swam a hard 1100 yards and headed for work. Sarah got in after Duke but before me. I got in at 8 and didn't see her in the water, but I did stop to speak to Tom who had gotten in at 9. It was almost flat the whole time with just some hint of a swell starting up on the west side of the Avila Pier. I was really nice having it warm(er) and still when I was changing.   

It is weird but since Sunday it seems that someone moved the buoys. I have done the route I swam today several times before and was thinking that it was about 4K meters. It seemed like a long swim today and when I stood up in the surfline I had 5166M and 1:45. That fit how I was feeling but I need to go back and check my old plots for this swim. 

What a dufus. My old plots for this route were for ONE time around, for about 2800M, not TWO. I conned myself into a long workout.    

I swim Thursday at 8:45.


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Sarah Berelowitz said...

Hi Neil. We passed at the 4th buoy on your first trip around but I didn’t want to stop you and give you a scare! See you Thursday. Sarah