Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday. July10th, 2020


Conditions were variable today. At 10:20 I took this photo from the pier of Tom getting out of his suit after his swim. 
And this is Justin, Niel and Jeff in the water less than an hour later.

Swimming conditions were ideal today. In the fog the air temperature was 59°. The water was 60° on the west (lee) side of the pier and 61° on the windward (east) side. I was just curious.
At 11 it was pretty flat but the wind started coming up as we were swimming and it was getting bumpy when we were getting out.
This was Justin's first ocean swim, in a brand new wetsuit. He had a great time and will be back on Sunday's. He is planning on doing the Escape from Alcatraz Tri. He knows Pat since they both serve at Vandenburg.

We got a nice heads up from the guard about a yacht race that was just beginning so we stayed close in.

It was a nice surprise to see Peter Kelley at the showers. He has been pool swimming for quite a while and today was his first time back in the ocean. 

This coming week I'll swim at 7 on Tuesday, 9 on Thursday and again at 7 on Saturday, if no one else is going to show up.
And always at 11 on Sunday.


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