Saturday, March 4, 2023

Saturday, March 4th, 2023

Jodi and I swam today!  I was not expecting her and was a bit late so we almost missed each other, but the timing was just right, she saw me turning towards the beach as she was leaving, so she came back. Her right shoulder is tight from surgery and she can only breath on the left, but here she was. It was two or three years ago the Jodi first showed up to swim. It was this time of the year and the water was as cold as it gets, so here she is getting back in after months on the beach with the water between 48° and 50°.    
It was gray and calm. The air temp was 48°, the water was 10°C/50°F, but felt colder, and had the same multiple swells as it had on Thursday.  

Jodi might have been having some second thoughts when we were getting in. 

We swam out to the gate on the pier and down the 'buoy line' to the big rock. 
Jodi figured that a half hour was going to be good and turned back at that point. 
I continued on to Fossil Point.

Garmin says that todays' swim was 800M shorter than Thursday's, which doesn't seem right. Today I didn't use the end of the Avila Pier as a turning point, so this route would be some shorter but 800M less in the same time?  

At Fossil Point
The Point is more exposed to the swell that the Avila Pier 
so it was a pretty lumpy swim at this end.

Getting in it felt really cold, like Thursday, (ask Jodi), so I was surprised to see 10°C on the thermometer, but at the end of today's hour my feet and arms were not as deeply cold so I'll go with 50° with a felt minus for the lack of sun and gray skies.

Tom has water polo today and is planning on swimming tomorrow. 

It looks like the big storm that has been in the news for this weekend will be mostly north of the Bay Area so I'll swim tomorrow unless it really dumps.


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