Thursday, March 2, 2023

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

I thought that Tom's toes might have been off when he reported a water temperature of 48° - 49° on Tuesday but the toes were right on.  I measured 9°C/48.2°F today and was glad of it. While getting in and out thru the surf the water felt cold but about the same but buy the time I was approaching Fossil Point I was feeling the cold more than I would expect at 50°, so I'm glad it was not just me.      

I got in at 7:15. It was 39°, clear, beautiful and sunny with a gusty wind. I stayed on the east side of the pier, away from the mouth of the creek. The water was nice and clean with no sign or taste of silt in the water. The swell was up a bit and outside there were rolling SE and SW swells that made things lumpy.     

I waited until I was back at the pier to read the water temperature. That way I could avoid confirming what I was feeling until the end of the swim. My toes were noticeably colder than usual and didn't warm up until I was home and in the shower.  

It was beautiful and really bumpy off of Fossil Point.

Tom's Swim Report - 
Brrrrr! Tom's 10 AM swim report: the air temperature was 54 when I got in at 10 AM. The water was significantly calmer than on Tuesday but the temperature was 48° again. I could only manage about 40 minutes at that temperature. Clear blue skies with a slight breeze.  Hey good morning vitamin.  

I'll swim Saturday morning at 7 and if the predicted rain is as light as promised I'll swim on Sunday at 11. 


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