Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday, March 16th, 2023



Tom's Thursday swim report: it was clear and sunny at Avila this morning. The air temperature was about 58 when I got in at 10:15. The water was about 50 or 51 again today.  And yes, the water had some debris in it, and was definitely stirred up, but out at the end of the other Avila Pier, it was more green and less murky. I know Niel is shaking his head, saying I was swimming in tons of bacteria, but I have two theories on that… The first is, if the creeks aren't washed out by now, then we're always swimming in tons of bacteria. And the second is, there wasn't really that much rain in the past week…  but, then, I did swim the day of the tsunami, so maybe I'm not the best judge of these things.   And finally, you'll notice the lifeguard tower is back. Tis the season. 

Thanks Tom. I hope you bacteria theory holds up.  The entire creek channel and bottom has been scoured clean but after every storm the bacteria levels in San Luis Creek have gone back to the same high bacteria loads. This is a new thing for this winter and seems to indicate a bacteria source that has not been previously identified or a new one. You can keep an eye on the numbers at

I'll be traveling a lot an will probably only get in a few swims before April, when my plan is to get back in the water as much as possible.

bacteria levels 


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