Thursday, October 28, 2021

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

 IT was nice and sunny and warm at Avila this morning. The air temp was 63 degrees at 8AM. The pier is still closed so I could not measure the water temperature but in the water felt like 55°, meaning it felt more like 54° wading in but I did get more comfortable after a 1/4 mile so probably 55°. There was a gusty offshore wind putting a good chop on the water. There was an occasional 4 foot wave so getting out was just a matter of waiting.    

Duke went to the right of the pier to do his U Burner route and I got in on the left, turned right at the first buoy and went under the pier. Duke and I managed to swim right to each other near the second buoy.  
I did my triangles for two miles. I got a text from Tom. He and Sue swam out around the Avila Rock and back. Their leg back to the beach across the chop must have been interesting.

I'll swim Saturday morning at 8 and Sunday at 11. 


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