Saturday, September 3, 2022

Saturday. September 3rd, 2022

Full fall conditions today with arm air temps., the warmest water of the season and plankton blooms. When I got in at 7 it was already 60° with 62° water that tasted salty and was red brown. If the rest of the conditions weren't so good I think about staying out until the water cleans up, but this is too nice. 
The surf was a little larger but there was no wind so swimming conditions were flat. 

I did two triangles today.

At the first buoy on the east side. 
The low sun makes navigation a challenge when heading east.   

I saw two other swimmers in the water, a woman that I have seen before blew past me going west towards the 4th buoy at the creek. I spoke to her for a bit, and when I was going east on the east side of the pier a guy flew past me, hooked a left turn in front of me and had disappeared by the time I looked for him.

Tom was there, parking as I was leaving.

I'll swim tomorrow and Monday at 11. 


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