Thursday, September 15, 2022

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

Tom and I get our wish - 

Tom and I agreed that colder water would be better than the red tide and we got out wish.

Today's water was down a couple of degrees to 59° and wonderfully clear and clean tasting.  Well worth a bit of a chill especially when thinking about the winter days when anything above 55° sounded like heaven.

I got in close to 8 and didn't see Tom. I did a version of the Yo-Yo, first out and left down the buoy line to the #3 buoy, from there to the end of the pier and back to #3, swim to #4 and to the end of the pier and back from there, then back along the buoys to #3 on the opposite side and repeat, enjoying the clean water the whole time

At the first buoy on the west side of the Avila Pier.

My fan club was lined up all along the pier.
As soon as I pointed the camera at them they took off. Are pelicans camera shy?

My next swim will be at 7 on Saturday.


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