Saturday, September 17, 2022

Saturday, September 17th, 2022

Bummer. The crud from the red tide is still around. Thursday was so clean that I got to thinking that we were done with the red crud for the year. It was dirty along the swim buoy line on both sides of the pier but not further out. It might have been a day to best dodge the crud by swimming over at the Cal Poly Pier. I might try that tomorrow.
At 7 this morning it was all gray and a cool feeling 56°. There was a bit of a swell out of the south but the waves were small at 2'- 3'. There was no wind. There was a lot of floating weed in the water and large piles of it on the beach. The water temperature was 59° - 60°.   

Today I swam the 2/3 Yo-Yo route that I was planning on swimming on Thursday, before I was lured by the siren song of 'More Distance' to try the 3/4 Yo -Yo. So for future reference, Thursday's 3/4 Yo -Yo was 750M longer than today's 2/3 Yo-Yo.  

So there you go, I swam 3900M today and felt like I was going short.  

I looked bad in the pictures with me in them so this is it. 
None of the pelicans are wearing a mask so they are properly social distancing. 

I'll swim at 11 tomorrow. Chris Gaggero from the Bay Area will probably drop in. He swam with us once before and is faster than I am so he could use some company from the more speedy swimmers who follow this blog.


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