Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Brown Out

I went down to Avila at 7 this morning to check out the conditions for a swim. It was warm, 74°, sill and clear with flat water. Beautiful swimming conditions except the color of the waves was too red brown with red tide so I didn't swim.

Tom came at 9, got in, swam and sent this text and selfie:

"Once I got out to the buoy line it was pretty much the same as Sunday"

Unfortunately I have a meeting and an appointment Thursday morning so I think Saturday will be my next swim. 

It will be hot all week so I expect the red tide to be with for a while so getting in will be dependent on how the water looks and my tolerance and optimism for being able to enjoy swimming in yucky water. Late summer is usually the  time of the highest water temperatures and the red tide, but the crowds will thin out now, the red tide will end and the water should stay warm until late fall and we'll have our beach back.


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