Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

It was almost like summer at Avila Beach today. It was sunny, comfortably warm and windy.  When I arrived at 10:15 it was clear and 55° heading to 70° at 1:00. There was a NW wind that had not yet but would blow out the swimming. 
I was the only swimmer today. I got in at 11 and was surprised about how not completely freezing the water was.  I quickly relaxed and got comfortable and only thought about the swimming conditions. 
It turns out relatively is everything. I measured a water temperature of 10°C/50°F, which used to be cold but after the last few months felt quite comfortable.   

Swimming was very physical today. At 11 when I was heading west along the buoys the was a good chop on the water and a real push from the west. It was easier swimming south out along the CPP but the chop got bigger with every 100M further offshore until it was quite bumpy.   
I turned east and rode the push to the reef buoy. It was less work swimming with the chop and current but the chop/swell was bending me every which way. My low back started to get grumpy with the strange twisting. 

Turning back west and swimming along the buoys to the Avila Pier was a slog but I would soon be finished.

I'll be back Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 for some nice flat water and hopefully more water temperatures in the 50's.


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