Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday, May 10, 2020

It was all about the perceived conditions today. It was overcast, cool and almost spitting in Avila Beach this morning. The water feels colder when there is no sun and Tom and I were thinking and feeling that the water was about 50 degrees and swam accordingly, about 1750M. Dave and Teresa were of a different mindset and swam swan more like 2400M. After I got out I waded back in with my thermometer and got a reading of 53 degrees in the surfline. That left me wondering if Tom and I would have gone farther if we had known it was 53 before we got in?
Brittany swam while Chad and family held down a spot of beach. Paula was there with three friends. I saw them head west along the buy line. 

Tom and I did a triangle clockwise.

Tom's assessment of the water temperature.
Tom wears a farmer john and I wear a full suit and we both thought the water temperature was about the same. Tom was ready to get out and I could have stayed in longer.  

The vote was 2/0 for 50 degrees.I probably was close to that in the cold spots. 

Tom had some great treats from Leslie to hand out after the swim.
They felt well earned today. 


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