Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

I have not been posting the week day swims that people have been doing, people have been swimming on different days and at at their own times so it has been too complicated to put together in a blog, but, today was special.

Tom, Leslie and I swam this morning. I got away from a virtual meeting later than planned  and got in the water 15 minutes behind Leslie and Tom.

Leslie did half a triangle and Tom estimated that he did 2800M. I did a triangle for 1725M. I was going to do about 2400 but today the water temperature was the lowest that it has been this spring. Tom and I both estimated at water temp at 50 - 51 degrees. The pier is closed so I cannot get out over the water with my thermometer so I'm going by how intense the feeling of cold was and how long it lasted after I got in. Today was the coldest day so far this year. Earlier in the week Heidi and Leslie said that the water just as cold. Blame it on the consistant offshore winds. This happens every spring.  

This is the only photo because I didn't want to stop. 
Beautiful swimming conditions except for the water temperature.
I am very grateful that I picked up a new Patagonia R3 wetsuit a month ago (on sale!) 
This is my fourth one and the new wetsuit warmth and lack of leaks is very welcome this time of the year.
And Patagonia recycles the old ones.


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