Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday, May 3, 2020

We had a wonderful swim today and gret news about updated rules for the beach.

New rules are in place that allow chairs, towles, tents, sunbathing and all of the usual beach activities so long as proper personal distancing requirements are observed. So, we can once again meet up before the swim at our spot, leave out stuff on the beach and hang out afterward, abet with some occasional shouting required.  This is way cool!

Conditions today were beautiful; it was clear and sunny with an air temperature in the low 70's. The water was clean with a temperature in the low 50's. There was a mild offshore breeze at 10:30 which built to a strong whitecap producing gale by noon.

Swimming today were Niel, Tom, Teresa and Brittanie. Chad, Brittanie and the family are now back on the central coast living near Orcutt.

I wanted to do about 1.5 miles and at 2,540M it worked out pretty close. The legs from the last buoy to the end of the pier and over to the Cal Poly Pier were across the wind and chop and were pretty bumpy. I could feel the chop build up during the leg along the Cal Poly Pier between the third and second crossbars. The chop was mostly behind us on the way back to the Avila Pier so the last leg was easier.

Teresa and Tom at the 4th buoy. 
Brittanie swam her own route along the buoy line. 

Teresa and Tom at the Cal Poly Pier.

I'm looking forward to being back in my chair on the beach next Sunday!


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