Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday, March 18th, 2021

 I Learn To Not Bet Against The Ocean Gods

I been telling myself, and others, that the 48° and 49° water temperatures we have been having will be as cold as it will get, so we only have warmer water to look forward to. After all, 47° is as cold as I have ever known the water to be at Avila Beach.
I got my comeuppance this morning when I checked my thermometer and found 47.5°. Maybe it was the lack of sun but the water swam colder too. 
There was patchy clouds, a bit of sun, a mild offshore wind, and an air temperature of 45°. The surf was flat.  
An older gentleman was getting in as I was getting ready. He looked a bit like Peter Kelley but bigger. He swam bareback and seemed to know what he was about. He went out, turned left. I never crossed paths with him in the water.     

I swam the same route as I did on Tuesday. When it is rough or cold the two triangles give me six or eight, shorter legs that add up to about 2 miles.

Saturdays swim will be at 10 and will be Duke and I welcoming Tom Lorish back into the water at Avila Beach. Join us if you can.
Sunday's swim will be at 8. 


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