Friday, October 7, 2022

Friday, October 7th, 2022

 A Friday Swim Report by Tom - 

The conditions were almost identical to Thursday...

... until the fog rolled in and I was suddenly in a white out. Luckily, I was pretty close to the Avila Pier and navigated accordingly. Then, within the space of about 10 minutes the sun burned through and there was clear blue sky, then, another 10 minutes and I was back in the white out. Crazy day. Nevertheless, the water was beautiful and the swimming was excellent. Can't swim on Saturday due to Water Polo 🤽‍♂️ commitments, but will be back Sunday. 

Thanks Tom

As for me, 3 days post surgery I'm doing great. Very little pain and the expected swelling but I'm getting about in a almost normal manner. I have my post-op appointment Tuesday. We'll talk about how soon I should be running and swimming.  I'll not be swimming until the incisions are completely healed so I may be running before getting back in the water. 


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