Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

 Swim Report by Tom:

Tom's swim report: it was a beautiful fall day at Avila. Blue skies, a crisp light breeze that added a slight bump on the water. Air temp was around 60 when I got in at 915, and the water was about 58. Right along the break of the waves there was still some light funk remaining, but out beyond the buoys was nice and clean. All in all, a good day of swimming. 

Thanks Tom

As for me I spent from 11 o'clock to 12 in surgery having two (What!?) tears in my right meniscus repaired.  Dr. Laird found one that didn't show in the imaging.
Anyway, I nodded off right after I transfered from the gurney to the operating table and woke up in recovery. The staff was great. I've a bit of a sore throat that will be gone tomorrow and almost no post-op pain. There will be more discomfort tomorrow once the happy stuff they leave in the incisions wears off but past experience (yes, this is repair #2 on the right, 2018 and now 2022 only one on the left in 2006) will be no worse than a skinned knee from the school yard. Keeping it elevated and using ice for alternate hours.  No fun until after my post-op visit next Tuesday. No swimming until the incisions are completely healed, as an infection in the knee would be very dumb, embarrassing and could result in a knee replacement. 

I ll see how I'm feeling and may come Sunday to hang out. 


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