Saturday, October 15, 2022

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

I'm back in the water 12 days after having my right meniscus repaired and it was so nice to swim. It felt like I'd been out a long time and it was nice to find out that everything still works.

It was overcast, gray and spitty but there was no fog. The air temperature was 58° and the water was 59°. There was no wind. Two weeks was long enough for me to loose my comfy factor with the water so even at 59° and gray it took some getting used to. I'd say it felt like 57° - 58°.  We'll see what Tom's toes have to say. I got in at about 7:25 and didn't see him or his car when I got out at 8:45.  I did have a seal cruising back and forth along the surf line where I got in to welcome me back.  The water was flat and clean except for some muddyness near the creek mouth. In this light I'm not sure if it was red tide or something else.   

Me at the reef buoy on the way back to my starting point with a  
strange difference in the exposure in the two photos.  

I will be at Avila at 7 tomorrow to set up and man the Surfrider pop up information booth at the Inaugural Avila Beach Sharkfest 1 and 2 K swims. I'll bring my stuff but I'm not sure that I'll be up for swimming after. I might be out of gas after several hours of standing and talking to people or getting in the water at 11 might be just wonderful.


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