Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Fall Comes To Avila Beach -

I arrived at Avila a bit after 7. It was clear and sunny with a slight breeze and an air temperature was 43°.  The asphalt was cold so I didn't want to take my UGGS off, but I could not figure out how to swim with them on, so I walked across the cold sand and waded in. 
The water felt colder but I couldn't sort out how much was due to a lower water temp and how much was because of the colder air temp and having cold feet getting in. 
I zoomed out to the end of the Avila Pier getting acclimated and then did a east and west triangle. 10 minutes in the shock and awe had passed and it was just colder, especially compared to a sunny 59° on Sunday. I measured 13.5°C/56.3°F along the buoy line. Usually the water temp will be 54° to 56° in the winter so I expect to see a lot more of days like today.
There was no red funk and the kelp is thinning out so the water is cleaning up really nicely.
Having cold concrete and the showers in the shade will require the relearning some lessons from previous winters. My toes were still cold when I got home.

If I can channel some of the days when Jodi and I swam with an air temp in the 30's and a water temp of 51° today would feel almost tropical.   

I sure is beautiful here this time of the year.

I texted Tom for his guess at the water temp. This is his report;

My toes are telling me 57. Sue and I did a full loop around CPP. I did not see even a hint of red funk, so that was really good. Sue managed to get the port authority barge that was out at the end of the Cal poly pier to blow off their siren to get her away from the barge! It was a little over the top in my opinion. They could've just waved her away. 

I'll swim at 7 on Thursday.


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