Monday, May 8, 2023

Monday, May 8th. 2023

Tom's Monday morning swim report: if you look closely at the picture above 👆, you might notice the significant low tide and think to yourself, it almost looks like you could walk out to the buoy. Of course, that would be an exaggeration...  but not that much of an exaggeration.  It was low tide. And if you look really closely at the picture, you might notice Avila Rock out there and how much longer it extends to the south than you might expect.  All that is to say, it was low tide, the swell from last week has fizzled just about down to nothing, and the water was smooth and calm with a slight breeze, creating a small bump. The air temperature was 58 when I arrived at 9:30, and the water temperature was 52. Excellent morning swim.

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Unknown said...

Niel: to confirm, are you swimming on Thursday at 7 am? I used to swim with you and the group on Wednesday evenings a few years ago. I need to get income cold water training over the next couple of weeks and would love to join you.

Lynne Anderson