Sunday, May 7, 2023

Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Warm(er) Water, Tough Conditions and Old Friends

In most places the ocean was 11.5°C/52.7°F today. The water was very clear so the swimming was wonderful. There was a strong wind out of the west that pushed up a difficult chop after we got in making swimming a matter of commitment and persistence.
David and I got in at 11. The air temp was about 70° and sunny making it a beautiful day at the beach.    

We swam out to the end of the pier and did one clockwise and on counterclockwise triangle from there. The ocean had looked pretty smooth when we got in but quickly started to get lumpy. When we began the second triangle there was a one foot plus chop and a current out of the west that made things pretty physical.  Swimming the east to west length of the buoy line into the chop and current was a piece of work. We both felt officially used up coming in to the beach. 

David and Niel at the end of the Avila Pier

John and Jonny!
As I was coming in I almost ran into Dolphins John and Jonny at the buoy line.
They usually swim at 4 but were early today so they could do a puppet show at Jonny's son's birthday party later this afternoon.  I haven't seen them since before the pandemic. 

and, you'll notice that Jonny is going bareback. A year ago he quit wearing a wetsuit and that includes all through last winter with the water in the high 40's.

I'm not even a little bit tempted. 

I'll swim Tuesday and Thursday at 7.


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