Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

I got in at 7 and swam around Avila Rock. Stephanie arrived later and swam the buoy line. The air temp was 53° and it was totally gray. There was a solid deck of clouds but visibility was more than 2 miles. The water was 52.7°F, there was no wind and the water was glassy with a big swell underneath. There were occasional 4 foot breakers.  The clouds began breaking and the sun was coming out as I was finishing up.      

The tide was high and the largest swells would break over the rock. 

Today was a very beautiful and restful swim.   

Stephanie and I plan on swimming Thursday morning at 7. 


Tom snuck into the water this morning when I wasn't expecting for him.

Tom's Tuesday swim report: another June gloom day in May at Avila. It was about 57° when I arrived at 930, and the marine layer was thick. The swell had picked up from yesterday with solid 4-5 foot set waves. My toes put the water temperature at 53. With the warmer water, I was able to stay in for a longer swim, which included getting a nice push from the swell As I was swimming from the end of the CPP to the second crossbeam.  Back on Friday. 

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