Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

At 7AM Avila Beach had the full June Gloom conditions; 58°, very gray, still, and a glassy ocean with 54.5° water. That is back up to a 'normal' winter temperature so there my be summer temperatures to come. On 5/31/22 the water was 56° and by mid June it was 59° - 60°. After water temps between 46° and 50° in February, March & April the mid 50's is most welcome.  

Stephanie wasn't here today but Jim dropped in. He has swum with us before when he lived in the Bay Area and now lives on the Central Coast. He swims bareback and had not been in the water since September. He has a borrowed wetsuit for today and began getting his water temperature tolerance recalibrated. He expects to dump the wetsuit once he gets comfortable in the water.

We did triangles. One for Jim and three for me.  The water is starting to get cloudy, a sure sign of summer. I swam through a blob of red tide off of the end of the Avila Pier. Soon we should have the baitfish and the birds back, the visibility in the water will be down to a few feet, crowds of sand apes will return and it will be Summer.

Stephanie and I will swim Thursday morning at 7. Jodi, Tom I. and I will swim Saturday at 7AM.


Tom Els, Tuesday swim report: beautiful day at Avila when I arrived at 9:30. High overcast with some blue showing. The water was calm, flat and glassy. My toes told me it was 53, 54. Excellent day of swimming and all around at Avila, and not just because there were less tourists. 

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