Saturday, May 6, 2023

Saturday, May 6th , 2023

Tom Israel, Jodi and Niel swam at 7AM. It was sunny and a cool 43° with a light wind. The water temp was 50° +/- depending on where we were. Jodi shoulder is recovering nicely and she is adding distance to her swims every Saturday. Today she did a full triangle. Tom and I swam with her to the last swim zone buoy on the left where she headed to the end of the Avila Pier for the first half of her triangle and Tom and I swam to the end of the Cal Poly Pier and directly back to the beach at the base of the Avila Pier. Both of those legs are about 1000M so a lot of thinking went on before and after our brief stop at the end of the CPP.      

Tom and Niel

Jodi, Tom and Niel

I'll swim at 11 on Sunday. 


Tom (Lorish's) Saturday morning swim report: another blue sky day at Avila this morning. It was 58° when I arrived at 9:45. The water looked calm and glassy with a slight bump on it. The water temperature was about 51, 52° this morning. There was a slight breeze when I started swimming, which picked up throughout the swim. In the category of something you don't see every day, as I was getting in, there was a seal swimming along just outside the break… Then it went underwater for a moment, and when it came back up, it had a big fish flopping around in his mouth. It went under again, and when it came up the next time, the fish was in its flippers, and the seal was enjoying a sushi breakfast. Nature's window. 


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