Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday, June 27th, 2021

 Avila was it's same self this morning, 58°, overcast, calm, small surf and 57.5° water. The red tide was worse with yucky water off of the Avila and Cal Poly Piers although I did find some really clear water along the west buoy line and off of the kelp beds between the mouth of San Luis Creek the CP Pier.

Today's group was Theresa, Duke, Jodi, Margarite, Niel getting in at 7:40 and Tom Lorish at 9. 

This nice sand sculpture was on the beach. 

We swam to the last buoy on the east side, to the end of the CP Pier, everyone but me swam to the third crossbars, around an anchored boat and in to the beach but I had missed some of the instructions and swam farther towards shore to the second crossbars, then over to the end of the west buoy line, along the buoys and in.  

Theresa is out of the frame to the left, then Niel, Jodi, Margarite and Duke.  

Theresa and Jodi.

This mystery swimmer is Tom Lorish getting in. 

This week I'll swim Tuesday at 8, Thursday at 8:45, Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 11.
Yes, I'm going going back to the old traditional pre-Covid Sunday schedule.


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