Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Thursday was another cloudy and calm morning at Avila Beach. It was warm at about 60°, gray and the surf was 3+ feet.  
The ocean temperature was up to 58° today but it is too soon to leave the wetsuits at home.
This expert from John Lindsey's Wednesday weather report:



     A strong northernly flowing ocean current combined with

     the lack of upwelling has brought a warmer body of seawater

     to the California coastline. Last week, the Sea Surface

     Temperature (SST) was 51 degrees at Diablo Canyon; today,

     it is 60 degrees.


     Seawater temperatures will range between 57 and 61 degrees

     through Friday, decreasing on Saturday into Tuesday.

The warmer water has also brought the summer conditions of red brown yucky tasting water.

I hooked up with Duke at 8:10. He did is 1000 yd. spring and I had a lot of junk running around in my head so I swam for 89 minutes before getting out.  

Tom Lorish was out there somewhere, he would have gotten in at 9, but I never saw him.  

I have family coming to town so I will not swim Saturday but will be there at 7:30 on Sunday.

I am planning on switching back to 11 o'clock on Sundays beginning on July 4th. I'll be on the beach in our old spot.


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