Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

 The Revenge of the Wind People

The recent wind has pushed the water temperature at the Avila Pier down to 49°. The water was 50.1° over at the port and weirdly, the Diablo Canyon buoy was reading 54.4°. Other offshore waverider buoys are reporting 54°+/- so I guess it is the way the wind is blowing off of the south facing beaches. No matter why, it was going to be a cold swim this morning.
It was sunny and the air temperature was 47° with small surf and a slight offshore wind.  

Tom was out there and texted that he was with a pod of dolphins on the line between the reef buoy and the end of the Avila Pier. None of them had yellow caps on so they must not have been the REAL Avial Dolphins.  :-)  That must have been very special.

It is going to be windy all week so Thursday's 8AM swim may be much the same. Today I avoided thinking about how my feet and hands were feeling by focusing on Jodi, struggling in water that is 30° warmer in Hawaii and having to return to swim in Avila Beach this coming weekend.

I have also been seeing more large flocks of birds on the water, cormorants and grebs (?) which along with the cold water is another sign that summer is just around the corner.   😁


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